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Real Unemployment Story from Barbara Hawthorne.

What's your name?
Barbara Hawthorne

Where do you live?

How long have you been unemployed?

What is your industry?
Accounting / Finance

What was your last position?

Have you recieved unemployment benefits?

For how long?
Not Applicable

What's your story?
Well I made career change from a company I was employed with for 13 years.I was offered another full-time company that was pleased with my background and work exoerience. The company brought in a new controller, and the laid me off because of not being a good fit. After working 10 months, and I have been in transition of a full-time job since 2010. Now I am in the 50 and over age group with 15 plus years experience, BS, and two classes from recieving MBA and just need a break by into the workforce.

What's your advice for job seekers?
All I can say is stay faithful and stand on the promises that God has given up. I encourgae myself everyday that God did it for Moses and he can do it for me" open another door with good job, good benefits and salary not based upon my age. Favor of the Lord is upon me and others seeking full-time employment.

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