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Delano couple filed more than 520 fraudulent unemployment claims ... - Bakersfield Now
Derby's Take: Ready For 3% Unemployment? Goldman Sachs Says It's Possible - Wall Street Journal
Unemployment Insurance - NC Dept of Commerce (press release)
Public employees collect pensions and unemployment at the same time - WCVB Boston
Persistently Long Unemployment Following the Great Recession - Pagosa Daily Post
Economists raise forecast for US job growth, outlook on unemployment rate mostly unchanged - Staffing Industry Analysts
File for Unemployment Insurance - NC Dept of Commerce (press release)
Unemployment vs. Underemployment - Shreveport Times - Shreveport Times
Local businesses struggle to hire: Owners cite sinking unemployment rates, high housing costs as cause of the problem - Community Impact Newspaper
The Old Guy: Unemployment and other ch-ch-changes - SILive.com
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