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Minnesota Unemployment Benefits

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The latest figures for Minnesota show an unemployment rate of .

Calculate your estimated benefit by answering a few questions below.
We created this calculator to help you estimate what you might receive if you are eligible. We make no guarantees or representations that the amount you receive will be equal to what the calculator shows. To apply for unemployment benefits, click the link above which will take you to the official site for your state.
State in which you earned wages
Approximate wages earned from Jan. 1, 2019 - Mar. 31, 2019  
Approximate wages earned from Apr. 1, 2019 - Jun. 30, 2019  
Approximate wages earned from Jul. 1, 2019 - Sep. 30, 2019  
Approximate wages earned from Oct. 1, 2019 - Dec. 31, 2019  

Minnesota unemployment insurance benefits are available if you meet these criteria.  The numbers are subject to change, and though www.Unemployment-Benefits.org does our best to maintain current data, we do not guarantee its accuracy.  Please check with the Unemployment Insurance Agency for the latest facts and figures.

Administering organization:  Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA)

Unemployed through no fault of your own to become reemployed.
Able to work.
Available for suitable work.
Actively seeking suitable work.

1-High quarter wage credits of $1,000 or more; and
2-Wage credits, in other than high quarter, of $250 or more.
Who can apply:  Out of work and part time workers

How long can you claim benefits: 11-26 weeks

Weekly benefit amount:  Up to $566

Determined by: High Quarter weekly wage or Average weekly wage in base period

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