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Real Unemployment Story from Florida.

Where do you live?

How long have you been unemployed?

What is your industry?
Non Profit

What was your last position?
Program Manager

Have you recieved unemployment benefits?

For how long?
13 Months

What's your story?
New CEO was hired and over 20 employee's positions were eliminated, demoted, or fired for various reasons. I was alerted that my position was to be eliminated and circumstances were created to have me terminated. I filed for UC and the company appealed the decision that I was determined to be eligible to receive UC. I won the appeal and it was affirmed that the determination of my eligibility would continue.

What's your advice for job seekers?
Fight for your right to UC. It was not easy but through information offered on the Internet, I found the will and the way to my entitlement. I was contacted by many law firms to represent me to sue my former employer, but I chose to move forward. I am an older, unemployed person but I am still holding out hope to gain employment and may even start my own company.

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