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Real Unemployment Story from Illinois.

Where do you live?

How long have you been unemployed?

What is your industry?
Sales / Marketing

What was your last position?
Regional Manager

Have you recieved unemployment benefits?

For how long?
Not Applicable

What's your story?
I received two job offers within a week of each other in April. I accepted the first before the second came in. After weighing the two I felt the second company had a better structure and would be a better fit for both me and them. I apologized to the first employer and took the second job. Two months after starting I received a Friday afternoon call from HR stating that my position was eliminated. I had started looking for a new home. Thankfully all my offers on homes were outbid.

What's your advice for job seekers?
Investigate the company you think you want to work for. Find out if they have a real plan for the position. If they do not, as hard as it seems, it is best to keep looking.

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